Monday, December 17, 2007

Breaking the Stupidity Chain

First of all, perhaps I should welcome myself back to the blogger. As you can see, it has been several months since I have last posted. Many busy things have happened in my life - some good, some bad, but all of them usefully challenging. I've learned something from every event. In time, I may get to some of these items.

I have decided to focus the discussion to tie it with my web site. In time, I shall try to post more items and lessons there. But, I'd like to make this blog more of a discussion forum and get your thoughts and feedback on some ideas.

So, I'll start with a question which I allude to in the site. It's something I call the Stupidity Chain. Essentially the concept is that leaders and people in charge do stupid things repetitively. Everyone around them realizes that their actions are stupid. However, these leaders try to use their power and rank to convince everyone else that their actions are smart. Eventually, others buy (or get forced) in, and the stupidity gets another link in the chain. The stupidity continues.

So, before I post some of the wacky crazy examples of this stupidity chain that I deal with in my life, I'd like to here some of your stories. Most of all, I'd like to hear your solutions. How do you break the Stupidity Chain in your life?

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