Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today's Stupidity Star

Every so often, I will offer a Stupidity Star to a person or group who comes up with a bizarre stupid expression, idea, or process.

Chanukah ended last week. Just before Chanukah started, a group (I don't recall, offhand who this was, so bear with me, while I try to find out the exact name) claimed that no one should light Chanukah candles because candles deplete the oxygen supply.

Let's award this group the Stupidity Star of the week. I suppose that chopping down XMas trees would be fine. If I remember my science correctly, trees give off oxygen that we humans need to breathe. So, if there are fewer trees in the forest, there's less oxygen for us to breathe too.

I have an idea. We should invent special XMAS forest rental areas. If you want a XMas tree, you give a huge deposit (like $2,500) and you rent the tree for the holiday. When XMas is over, you have to return the tree to the place you got it from and plant it back where you found it, so it can grow again for the next year. When you plant it back in its place, you get your money back. And the side advantage to all that besides preserving the forests and the green is that your tree grows and gets bigger for next year! Oh, and if you want, you can reserve your own personal tree in the forest so you can have it each year. But, the point is that at least after XMAs the tree doesn't get tossed to the trash or even made into mulch, pulp, or paper.

Oh, and speaking about depleting the oxygen supply, I guess we may as well stop breathing. That's not "green" either!

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